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A better kind of experience.

Our industry experts and partners have both the knowledge and dedication to create the best plan for your unique needs. We’ll help you find complete and affordable solutions for your business and your employees.

Our mission is to create on-going, professional relationships with each client; to share our professional knowledge and expertise; and to develop a clear understanding of each of our client’s unique needs.

Our Process

  1. We start with a review of client needs, history and business goals. 

  2. We then jointly design an employee benefits plan that focuses on recruitment and retention of the total employee group.   

  3. Employee education and support is the next critical step

  4. Finally, we monitor the overall program and assist the client team to ensure programs are kept up to date and properly utilized by the employee group. 

We have experience in writing and managing plans for clients, ranging in size from 2 employees to more than 100 employees. The products that we have in place with these clients are: group insurance (life & AD&D, short-term disability, long-term disability, dental, vision, medical); as well as COBRA administration, employee communication, HRA, HSA, employee enrollments, and long term care insurance. One major focus we have is to assist our clients in communicating their benefit program to their employees. We believe that the better informed an employee is concerning their benefits the fewer problems they will have in accessing care.

The benefits our clients have enjoyed include:

  1. Reducing the Total Cost of Benefits to your company

  2. Making your company more attractive to the marketplace as employer of choice

  3. Improving employee satisfaction and understanding of company benefits to drive productivity

  4. Coordinating solutions to address risk factors in medical claims to reduce company expenses. 

We are a company committed to having our team members maintain a very high level of professionalism and continuing education. 

Providing Employee Benefits with Sibbel Insurance Group (SIG) & OCI Services

Everyone has seen the cost of these programs continue to increase. By partnering with OCI Services of Omaha we believe we have a solution that may help you. Together we assess your current situation and are accountable for a plan that reduces cost increases, while focusing on recruitment and retention of the total employee group.

Our team is led by Mick Sibbel who as a former business owner and managing general partner has seen firsthand the need for strong employee benefits. His more recent experience as a benefits consultant provides him with a unique perspective to help business owners with the difficult process of: 

  • Productivity

  • Getting & Keeping Employees

  • Compliance

  • Growth

  • Profitability

  • Return on Human Capital

  • Disaster Recovery

As well as:

  • Ownership Perpetuation

  • Leadership Succession

  • Business Planning 

Access to Carriers:

  • BCBS of Nebraska

  • United Healthcare

  • Aetna/Coventry

  • Principal Financial Group

  • UNUM

  • Delta Dental

  • Mutual of Omaha

  • Transamerica and many others

Together we assess your current situation and are accountable for a plan that reduces cost increases, while focusing on recruitment and retention of the total employee group.

You will receive a plan-of-action to reduce total company costs while improving effectiveness of your investment. You save time and can focus on other aspects of your business and life.

May we share some of the success stories from our clients who have experienced this process?

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